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Hi there 👋

July 2, 2017 • 2 min read


Hi there 👋

I’m Anant. Welcome to my little home on the web.

I live in San Francisco, CA where I’m building Commonlounge with two of my friends —it has courses with up-to-date, bite-sized lessons that deliver the most value for the time you invest in. You should check it out!

In case you were wondering what I actually look like. Also, yes, that IS my Snapcode.
In case you were wondering what I actually look like. Also, yes, that IS my Snapcode.

Other than that, I’m into fitness, books, electronic music, art, design, and of course, my original passion: computer science, and more broadly technology and its insane potential to shape the world around us.

I went to college at IIT Delhi which is a little school back in my home town of New Delhi and moved to the Bay Area after for work.

A year or two ago, I started organizing floating thoughts in my head before they get lost for good. These were usually small, but interesting observations that I came across my work in startups, and in general, in life. I started collecting them in a notebook, and now want to use this blog to share these with everyone.

In addition to that, I want to get better at writing. It’s another muscle that gets better with exercise, and converting these thoughts into coherent essays seems like a good workout!

For these two reasons, I started this blog on Medium, and I used to call it Low-Pass Filter. A Low-Pass Filter is an electronic circuit that lets through low-frequency signals and attenuates the rest. I intended to apply a metaphorical Low Pass filter to events or observations I come across in tech, fitness and more broadly, in life, and write about them here.

However, I started 2018 with a goal to publish one book review a week for the entire year. It was mostly to force myself to write something every weekend, and also to retain what I read better. Over time, as the readership grew (and most of whom didn’t want to do anything with low-pass filters!), I realized that it’s better to drop that name, and run this just as my personal blog.

In addition to book reviews, I’m hoping I’ll be able to proceed with the original plan and publish at least one essay a month on something interesting — even if it’s based on an old idea or thought. Wish me luck!

Before you go away, here are two more cool links about me: I put some of my more arty stuff on my Instagram (anantja_in) and share shorter thoughts and talk to people on Twitter (anantja_in). Or if you prefer, email me at me@anantja.in.

Here are two giant links below — come say hi!

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Cheers, and I’m extremely grateful to you for being a reader.

Last updated: May 19, 2018.